THE CHEYENNE at Appomattox

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Guest Comments




    A pleasant place to stay! I took a picture of a beautiful sunrise and enjoyed the lightening skittering across the clouds.  This was a nice place to entertain the families of the bride and groom and unwind after the wedding.  J & R


   The house was cozy and comfortable.  We walked down to the river and thousands of little pinkish/lavender/blue wildflowers carpeted the bank.  It was lovely.  The Stewarts


        We went into Appomattox and took in the sites of the Civil War.   We spent the day at Holliday Lake Park.  What a nice place!  Last night we went into Farmville for Fireworks.  What a sweet little town.  The trail and the river are very relaxing and the rope swing was a lot of fun!  On our last day here a mother doe and her fawn came out of the tree line.  I hope you will have another week available for us next year as we would love to return.   The Betts

  deer.jpg   porchfall2008.jpg  shephardonporch.jpg


   We had Thanksgiving dinner here and everyone was amazed at the beautiful scenery and calm of this cottage.  The children went after the treasure and had a fantastic time.  The trails are breathtaking.  We are looking forward to a longer stay in the future.  The Randolphs


   The scenic view relaxed us and gave us a beautiful canvas of fall colored leaves to enjoy all weekend.  Who would have thought a little river and a homemade rope swing would provide so much entertainment for a group of youngins ages 16-25. 



    The Boy Scouts of Troop 180 would like to thank you for the awesome time that we had and for the use of your beautiful property.  The scouts had much fun and can't wait to come back.  We left some of the wilderness Survival Shelters up.   Troup  180 


    We floated in the river & enjoyed relaxing on the porches in the evenings.  We spent 2 great days at Holliday Lake swimming & canoeing.  Look forward to coming back soon!   The Deitweilers   


    When we were tubing, my son saw a deer with her two babies drinking out of the stream.  The kids swung on the tree swing all afternoon.  We have dalmations and they love to run.  This was so great for them - all the dogs loved it.  The next time we come down, I plan on bringing my horse!  The Hills


    I loved the river - it is so much fun to swim in.  I caught minnows and crawdads. PS, I hope I come back next year.   Beacon of Hope Church  



   The meteor shower was AWESOME!!  We sat on the deck and were amazed!  The sky was so dark and the stars so brilliant!  The meteors' colors were magnificent.  What a great place.  Cody


   We saw 6 deer on 2 different occasions and there was a storm followed by a double rainbow – it was breathtaking!     


       The owners are great & very accomodating - look forward to coming back (maybe when the leaves change).    The Gardners, Caters and Friends


       We spent a great 2 days here at the Cheyenne.  We were awakened not by a rooster but by wild turkey just along the garage.    The McGuins


        The accommodations were better than we expected.  The pictures don't do it justice.  Overall, it couldn't have been better.  I am so happy I found you.  Excellent Experience!  The Pyles


   Everything was better than could have been imagined.  We have had the best time here and plan to come back for other seasons.       The Flints


   Your house is so beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful.  I was amazed at all the amenities that you have to make everyone’s stay more enjoyable.  The morning view was so amazing to wake up to & see the sunrise over the beautiful mountaintop.  This was the best mini vacation that our family had in a very long time.   The Shaws


   We had an amazing time.  The house is beautiful.  The view is incredible! I can only hope that someday I can own a place like this.    The Petersburg Birthday Bash


       The house is beautiful!! The colors and antiques are very cool.  I really liked the mornings how the fog went through the trees.  I would love to live here.  All around we loved the place and would love to come back real soon.  The Cravens


        My cousin got the thrill of her life when she spotted a black bear. B   Whitley


   The cabin was wonderful.  We enjoyed a nice walk down to the river and the guys were catching fish as fast as they could throw the line in.  We will return and spread the word.    The Moores


   Words can’t explain how wonderful and beautiful your home is.  Everything is so put together.  We will be renting again very very soon.     The Allmon Family


   This place is amazing! Can we live here? It is so relaxing and the night sky is phenomenal.   The Cogleys

  • Everyone really enjoyed themselves.  The only problem was the week end came too fast.     The Moores
  • st updated - 8/30/09

Just last week I was sitting on the front porch watching the bunnies graze on the clover by the side deck, and the deer grazing on the well side pasture.  Then I noticed what might be the biggest ground hog ever spotted in the small front pasture.  I went inside to gather my camera and returned to take pictures of all the wild life.  All the animals began to run for cover.  I assumed because I had invaded their comfort zone - I was wrong!
I quietly walked down to the small shed Winter Wishes and sat quite still on the stoop hoping that the wildlife would all return.  As I sat there still in the quiet of the coming dusk I heard what seemed like a truck coming from the top corner road side.  It sounded as though it was traveling down through our pine grove on a diagonal.  Pushing the trees over as it made it's way down towards my sitting spot.  When I realized this was an animal that sounded larger than a deer or even me, I walked......... ran back onto my porch where I would have a safe shot - with either my cannon camera or my cannon of a Smith and Wesson - or a safe escape into the house.  
 I was not disappointed!  Out of the pines at the back of the small pasture came the magnificent bear.  The first sighting on our property.  She walked out of the pines and directly onto the power line and walked up the fire road, and disappeared into the top pine grove.  Don't know how she got over or around the fence but she disappeared.  It was magnificent!

After a nearly 150 mile drive,
our water pump exploded,
 bringing our drive to a clunking halt.
"That sucks," Garrett said. 
Thank goodness our hungover friend came  down,
 with his car such a clatter,
and said, "Hey, Garrett, What's the matter?" 
Garrett replies, "My mom let me drive this piece of poop,
and now with 10 mile left we were sent for a loop!" 
The tow-truck man comes all big and strong,
to see what happened & what went wrong. 
After the pizza, which was so nice,
we filled up the radiator not once, but twice (2). 
Garrett was under the car & Lyndsey says, "I'm cold."
So Mark says, "go jump in the mustang.  I know it's old."
With the screeching of tires & sound of a horn,
 Mark says, "forget that Chrysler, there's nothing to mourn."
So we arrived at the cabin a little past dark,
when Lynsey says "hurry, the hunters do lark." 
We cooked up some dinner-we ate with a fork,
and then tried to watch a movie, but it did not work. 
"Forget this" Mark says, with feelings unbarred,
"lets pull up a chair and play some card." 
And the night moves on and we all were gettin sleepy,
the howling of the wind is Oh so creepy. 
So we all disperse to our places of sleep,
and the morning light does so quickly creep. 
After bacon, eggs, and pancakes too,
it's time for more cards - It's time for round 2. 
So now we sit,
our tale we tell,
of one car ride,
straight from hell. 
Garrett AKA Thor
Mark AKA Wings
Lynsey AKA Black Velvet
PS:  Thanks Mom - we had fun.
(narrated but not read)


   The trails were great and we all enjoyed the rope swing and our many ATV rides.  Horsepower Haven was a great place to unwind & let the kids run wild.  Thanks for all the extra effort you guys put into making our stay enjoyable.  The Faulks


   I love the place - My favorite is the ping-pong table and I also love the kid's track!   It has been a great week and I can't wait to come back!   Flint Family Jr.

    minime.jpg     bunkhouseloungoverlookingminime.jpg

   I’m 9 yrs old.  My family and I had a great time riding our dirt bikes through the trails.  I also had a good time in the bunkhouse. We can’t wait to come back.     The Harkins


   We loved the trails.  My father and I had a lot of fun riding our dirtbikes.  My grandpa & I went fishing at the lake.  We would love to come back!      The Phillips Family


   We had a wonderful relaxing time here.  We had campfires, went to Holliday Lake to swim, but mostly enjoyed our time here riding the trails.  The home was so cozy and beautiful.  We saw 6 deer on 2 occassions and after a storm there was a double rainbow - it was breathtaking.  We loved everything.  The bunkhouse, the trails, the house, the way it was decorated - it was just awesome.  We felt so blessed to be here and look forward to coming back.  The Schools Family



The Cheyenne
   Contact:  Lori   703-303-5103   
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